The Tornado’s Origin

I am obviously a very zealous and over-active blogger.  My followers cannot keep up with all the posts I write.  Oh wait.  I have only one follow – and I text her every day, all day long – and it is obvious that I do not blog often because a) as you can see I only have one post. And b) I can’t remember how to log into my blog.

Moving on…I am blogging today.  It’s -42C and there is nothing to do.  My kids are bored, their nap schedules are off, I have a searing pain in my shoulder which enables me to do very little except to sit on my butt.  These condition are ideal for lazy bloggers such as myself.

In general I am not a lazy person.  The fact is, I think I do too much.  Now before you go thinking I am quite full of myself, let me clarify. I do not brag that I do all these things because I think they are making me slightly OCD (is being OCD the new thing, along with having a gluten-free diet?).  But seriously.  I think I am slightly OCD in a few things.  Mainly, in organization.  Right now I am looking at my house and wondering how a tornado passed through when the temperature outside is -42C!  The weather conditions are simply not right.  Then I hear my 21 month old daughter upstairs in her crib hucking books and toys out of her crib and I remind myself of the tornado’s origin.

I hate disorganization, messes and broken routines.  My unfinished basement was organized a few weeks ago.  Now, it’s a big mess again.  I did a quick clean and managed to fill an entire recycling bag with store grocery bags.  That is kind of embarassing.

My living room is a mess no matter what.  I read articels on motherhood that say, just accept the mess, and I try.  Believe me I do, but it would be so much easier if that mess were contained in a play room.

Today’s routine is off.  Something threw it off and I don’t know what it was, but when routine’s go out the window I feel anxiety well up within me and try to stay calm and relaxed.  Right now I’m listening to the tornado’s origin – aka Chloe – cry upstairs in her crib.  She is obviously tired and needing a nap, but is fighting it with every ounce of energy she has left.  Ben – not quite a destructive tornado yet – took his 3 hour afternoon nap at 10:30am and so has been up since 1:30pm.  I hate when they don’t nap at the same time.  It means I don’t get a much needed break.

I like my routine because it helps my day go smoothly and makes me a bit more of a cheerful person for my husband to come home to.  Today might not be his lucky day.  Maybe I should text and warn him.  Or should I just let it be a surprise?  Everyone likes surprises right?



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