Ash Wednesday Reflection

Today is Ash Wednesday, and as I prepared for today and wondering what my Lenten sacrifices would be, I got to thinking, “Lord, I am already sleep deprived, my body is scarred from bearing children, my husband and I are practicing Natural Family Planning, and I hardly get a moment to myself right now. What more do you want? What more can I give?”
I got to thinking deeply about this and came up with “the little things”. St. Therese of Lisieux, a doctor of the Catholic Faith, saw the value in the little sacrifices throughout the day and I think that is another challenge I need to undertake this Lent: “little things with great love.”
I can make my bed daily knowing that the man I love will sleep comfortably in it later. I can put away laundry immediately instead of leaving it in the basket until I need that basket for more clean laundry. Little things like this can teach me great love, and great discipline. This is one challenge I hope to successfully accomplish during Lent and continue on after.


One thought on “Ash Wednesday Reflection

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