“The Little Things” and a Big Poop

Ash Wednesday started so beautifully, so peacefully. My kids slept in until 7:30, we all ate breakfast and were dressed in record time. I loaded them into the car and we made it to church 15 minutes early! I was so proud of myself for doing this all by myself. And then the shit hit the fan…literally.
As soon as my mother left the pew to take my 3 year old brother to the washroom, Ben started fussing in his car seat. My hopes that he would nap during Mass were destroyed. Upon lifting him from his seat, I smelled a distinct odor. Then I felt an unmistakable dampness on the back of his pants. Looking inside, I discovered a lovely yellow stain. I tried to calmly hold him away from me so I didn’t end up with his poop on me and quietly rummage through my purse. I found a diaper, but NO WIPES!
“Oh s*it!” was unfortunately the first thing that came to mind. Not only did I have no wipes, but I also had no change of clothing for him. When my mom came back I asked if she had wipes on her and she said no. I went to the washroom as fast as I could and thank God my mother followed me. My daughter and brother played their version of “Tag” as my mom helped peel off the poop soaked clothing and wet paper towel. At this time, Ben thought it appropriate to toss his soother on the floor. Perfect. I went back into church with a baby in a diaper and poopy clothes in my purse. The wailing began and there was no cork to stop it. I tried to keep him wrapped in his blanket, but a 5 ½ month old is squirmy. My 21 month old wanted my attention too. Oh dear, is it already time to get the ashes? Is everyone staring at my naked baby who is now testing the acoustics with his Tarzan cries?
My mom and I received Communion in shifts. By the time everything was over and Chloe loudly announced “ALL DONE!” I was “all done” as well. Thankfully I could see the humour in all of this and that this being Ash Wednesday this was the extra little mortification I could offer up. Next time though, we’ll sit in the cry room.


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