St. Valentine’s Day

Today I attempted to practice a few of my Lenten resolutions.

1. To do the simple things with great love.

2. To do these simple things frugally (We’re trying not to spend money this Lent except for essentials). That means no going out or buying gifts for Valentine’s Day (not that we do that anyways :P)

3. De-clutter ten items from my kitchen cupboards (dishes, tupperware, etc).

This morning started off rocky. Ben woke up at 6am and I had to try to keep him quiet until Chloe woke up, which was at 7:50am (YAY! She actually slept in). He was a grump all morning which made getting anything done difficult. I actually had to tell myself that patience at this moment is a “simple” thing that I could do with great love.

I have never been the most crafty person, and quite frankly I hate crafts, but I wanted to give an attempt this morning with some fun St. Valentine’s Day craft. We started with paper flowers; both attempts turned out miserably and I gave up. One flower ended up in the garbage, but I decided to keep the other one since my husband might find humour in it.
I am slightly better at baking and actually enjoy this activity, but for some reason today, my candied gummy hearts didn’t solidify and my daughter and I ended up scooping up the red mush and putting it in a bowl in the back of the fridge. At least it tasted good!

The clock was ticking and in my last desperate attempt to do SOMETHING special for my husband and children today, I through Ben in his swing, Chloe was watching Beauty and the Beast and I quickly made “Sweetie Pies” and thank goodness they turned out beautifully (we have yet to sample them). Never mind. I just looked over into the kitchen and found my husband and daughter eating them. *Sigh*.

I got in a quick workout then hurried to get my hair and make-up done just the way Ryan likes it. I did it with minutes to spare before he got home. Unfortunately, Ben was sleeping upstairs in our room and I could change so I looked very attractive in my workout clothes ;). The first thing my husband notices, is that I am wearing HIS SOCKS! SOCKS! On Valentine’s Day! I think I should just laugh about this, because I am also trying to not let small, irrelevant things bug me.

Our dining room table is decorated with a red tablecloth, a card with the outline of Chloe’s hand and Ben’s foot, “Sweetie Pies” in a little box, wine glasses with cut out hearts inside(I can manage that at least), my failed paper flower and candles. Tonight we are dressing up to celebrate the love of our family. Tonight as I reflect on the little things and St. Valentine’s life (check out Angela’s cartoon post), I hope I can always strive to persevere in these little things even if I do not always get it right the first time.

St. Valentine, pray for us.






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