Patience is a Virtue

…that I do not possess.  Yet.  The little things become so hard when you lack any sort of ability to be patient through trials.

This morning Chloe was testy and whiney and had to be two inches away from me most of the time.  When she wasn’t velcroed to my body, she was hanging off the fridge door handle whining about being hungry – that kid could eat a horse and still be hungry.  Ben was a difficult napper today, and it took many tries before he’d fall asleep.  I also decided to do three loads of laundry and change the sheets on my bed.  By doing that I guess I was begging for a test in patience (am I the only one who flaps around a duvet in the duvet cover swearing as I try to get all corners aligned?!).

Not only have I been tested in patience with my children and duvet cover, I had a test in patience with my body!  Most days I have to wait to pee, eat, get dressed.  Today was especially brutal because I could barely walk from doing over 300 lunges on Friday (that, btw was a bad mistake).

Tests in patience become much harder when the dearest littles deprive their mother constantly of much needed sleep.  This picture pretty much somes it up:


I know that I am a bad example of patience because Chloe gets easily frustrated at simple things (like me).  She couldn’t get a book out of her bag this morning and freaked right out.

“Good grief, child!  Have some patien…” This was literally how I began and ended that sentence.  Instead I prayed: “Lord, give me patience for I have none.  Give me patience so I can teach my daughter that virtue.”

Thankfully, I have my good buddy, Angela, who offered up her struggles in patience for me today.  The Good Lord knows I need it.


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