De-Cluttering My Life

Lent is teaching me to de-clutter my life.  To get rid of the things that are holding me back from fully committing to my primary roles in my vocation: mother and wife. 

I’m participating in a 40 Days to a Less Cluttered Home (mentioned in a previous post).  It’s challenging because I’m learning to not be attached to material things.  I’ve also committed to not using coupons (unless for essential grocery products) during this time!  THAT is challenging because a) I like shopping and b) I like the rush from ‘saving’ money.  We’re committed to using up the food we have in our home before buying more and using what we have to make do.  My biggest challenge so far is quitting my job.   After 5 ½ years (with a 1 year maternity leave in there), Friday was my last day of work. 

ALIES & The Back Porch is an amazing pro-life ministry and already I miss being an active part of it.  I decided to quit (temporarily, because I will be back when the time is right) because it’s time to become a full-time mama.  My babies deserve 100% of me and by working I felt I was too caught up in deadlines and stressing out about having time to “do it all”.  I loved my work, but I love my babies more.

There are things I want to commit to right now that are important to me as a mother and now I have the freedom and flexibility to do that!  It’s so freeing and I have such peace about this decision.  I’m actually also really excited!  I’ll have more time for play dates, tea parties, adventures, long walks and playing at the park.  We’ll spend time exploring nature, creation, colouring, riding bikes, swimming and just PLAYING!  My evenings can be dedicated to my husband, friends and family without the stress and worry about work related projects.  I can go through my Pinterest account and actually do the things I pinned!  I can focus on my fitness goals, playing the piano (I haven’t played in so long and loved starting up again), baking and developing my spiritual life (and learning how to form my children).  Already I have noticed how much I can get done when I’m not spending time “working” (that’s in quotes because I NEVER stop working).  

While I may have temporarily left pro-life work behind as a career, I will never stop being involved. This morning I read the CIHI (Canadian Institute for Health Information) about the 2011 abortion stats and was disgusted.  I’m posting the link to that blog here, because people need to know this information so that they too can be disgusted and appalled enough to reach out to try and make a change.

That is my post for today.  Now it’s time to go enjoy my family 🙂


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