Protein Balls

Well after running 1.60 miles for 20 minutes straight (a new record for me!), I decided to treat myself to homemade protein balls!  They are simply delicious and are packed full of healthy ingredients.

Today’s mixture called for:

Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Peanut butter
Maple syrup

Mix it all together and chill.  I enjoyed two after taking this picture.  🙂



Holy Week

It doesn’t seem like Lent is done, but already we’re in Holy Week.  These last few days has been very busy; Fr. Vic’s prayers, funeral, a play date an hour away, and frantically cleaning and organizing our home for our realtor’s walk through.  I’m exhausted, but am trying to push myself to think of how to make this week special and to really focus on the upcoming Passion of our Lord.

Fr. McLeod said that when life gets busy, the first things to go are prayer and exercise.  Well, I haven’t prayed regularly or done my workout in over a week.  It’s frustrating because at the Opus Dei recollection, they said to make time for friends and I wanted to work on that.  I don’t want to be just a techological friend who communicates through texting and Facebook.  I want to spend quality time with my friends too!  How do I juggle everything, and how do I not only optimize my Holy Week, but continue to bring what I have learned this Lent into my every day life?  I want to continue trying to do the little things with great love,

Well, I just thought of it.  This week I need to sit back, take time for my family and to really plan out a schedule that can incorporate family, friends, faith and fitness.

I am encouraged by Psalm 46:5.


Spring Got Punched in the Face

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  Today we’re expecting 10-15cm of snow!  Blizzard like conditions, bad roads, and all around miserable weather.  I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to start running outside again, but after seeing this photo on Facebook today, I decided to go outside and run anyways!


New Jogging Stroller!

Tuesday afternoon I received my Joy Rider In Step double jogging stroller/bike trailer!  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to use this new toy!  A few months after I had Ben I got serious about running again, but found it difficult to always find the time to get outside and run.  Now, I don’t have an excuse and will be taking my babies with me as I train for my 5Ks!  Yup!  I’m doing two 5K runs this year and I’ve never done any before.  Me and my little running buddies will have a blast I am sure since it took 45 minutes to convince Chloe to get out of the stroller 🙂  Now I just have to wait (haha who am I kidding, I’m not waiting) for my $4 Sketcher GoRun shoes and I’ll be all set!




A Tribute to a Godly Man

Yesterday my sisters came over, unannounced, and eyes full of tears.  They came to announce the passing of our beloved priest, Fr. Victor Perron.  He was a kind, humble man and an excellent witness to the Gospel.  The graces he bestowed on his parishioners are far too many to count.

Fr. Vic was particularly close with my family.  Growing up we enjoyed having him over for dinner, sharing jokes (he always had one!) and having him at important family events.  He baptized two of my brothers, both my children and was the celebrant for my wedding.  My brothers served as altar boys regularly at Mass and he often took them out to football games, magic shows and other fun events.  He was a wonderful supporter of pro-life and on numerous occasions allowed me to speak out about The Back Porch after Mass.

Fr. Vic was a true example of a good man, a good priest and a faithful servant to his flock.  He meant a lot to my family and we will miss him dearly.

Ryan and I (along with the babies) will be attending his prayers on Sunday evening and his funeral on Monday morning.  Well done good and faithful servant.  Enjoy the rewards of Heaven and please pray for me.

DSC_2212Fr. Vic at our wedding.

7 Quick Take Tuesday (ya ya it’s supposed to be for Friday)

So lots has happened since the last time I blogged!


Biggest news is that we have a new pope!  Pope Francis was elected as leader of the Catholic Church a week ago today!  At 78 years old, he is taking on a big job, but in his 7 days as pontiff, he has already been making headlines!



Training for my 5K obstacle course run in August is going well.  I ventured out into the slushy streets of Edmonton the other day and after a half hour run, came back cold, wet, muddy and thoroughly refreshed.  Today I am supposed to get my double jogging stroller delivered and hopefully can take the babies for a run with me 🙂


Things in the moving department have changed a little.  We’re still making plans to move, but not to the country as we originally hoped for.  After 6 months of planning it is a little disappointing to have “wasted” that time, but it was a learning experience and we will store that information for when the time is right to head out of the city.  For now, we’re actually going to look in Sherwood Park!  I love that city for it’s beauty, cleanliness and the fact that it’s still close to family and friends.


My addiction to Downton Abbey is growing, but my access to the third season has disappeared and I’m greatly disappointed.  I am hoping that I can find a way soon or else I will go through withdrawal.


Last month Ryan and I said we’d decreased our grocery budget by $300 and only spend $450/month!  With two babies and two adults, this seemed tricky, but a challenge I was willing to accept.  I love to coupon and meal planning so I combined this challenge to hobbies I already loved.  Last month I succeed and spent $450.16!  This month I’m already over by $4 and we still have 12 days left!  Not to worry! I still have coupons for free products and Shoppers Drug Mart points I can redeem for fruits/veggies/milk and yogurt!  This picture is from my March 15% off shopping trip.  I paid $50 for all of this (forgot to include in the picture a big box of 116 Pampers size 4 diapers) and saved over $80!



I’ve been crafty lately.  A few weeks ago I made two blankets for Ben.  One was a quilt that I sewed up and the other was a no-sew fleece blanket.  Last weekend my sister brought over a couple crochet hooks and a ball of yarn so that I can learn how to do that too!  I’m slowly learning that one 🙂




With only 10 days left until Good Friday, I feel like this Lent has sped by.  Like usually I started off strong, but slowly peetered off.  I had a fabulous confession last week at the Penitential Service which encouraged me to keep pressing on and to focus on certain areas of my life where I keep falling into sin.  Thankfully, I haven’t forgotten about the “small things” that I was trying to work on, and last week saw the rewards of doing something “small” with great love.  Thankfully reading “The Story of My Soul”, the autobiography of St. Therise, is something that I have been slowly, yet faithfully reading.

St. Anne (my 2013 patron saint) St. Therese (my Lenten journey patron saint), and St. Joseph (his solemnity feast day is today!), pray for us!