A Tribute to a Godly Man

Yesterday my sisters came over, unannounced, and eyes full of tears.  They came to announce the passing of our beloved priest, Fr. Victor Perron.  He was a kind, humble man and an excellent witness to the Gospel.  The graces he bestowed on his parishioners are far too many to count.

Fr. Vic was particularly close with my family.  Growing up we enjoyed having him over for dinner, sharing jokes (he always had one!) and having him at important family events.  He baptized two of my brothers, both my children and was the celebrant for my wedding.  My brothers served as altar boys regularly at Mass and he often took them out to football games, magic shows and other fun events.  He was a wonderful supporter of pro-life and on numerous occasions allowed me to speak out about The Back Porch after Mass.

Fr. Vic was a true example of a good man, a good priest and a faithful servant to his flock.  He meant a lot to my family and we will miss him dearly.

Ryan and I (along with the babies) will be attending his prayers on Sunday evening and his funeral on Monday morning.  Well done good and faithful servant.  Enjoy the rewards of Heaven and please pray for me.

DSC_2212Fr. Vic at our wedding.


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