New Listing…

After 17 long months of waiting, crying, fighting, accepting, researching, touching up and changing plans, we have FINALLY put our house up for sale!  This sign makes me very excited every time I see it; and I look at it a lot.  The official listing comes out on Monday.  Now we pray that it sells quickly!



7 Quick Takes (vol. 4)

Our day was a busy one.  We had a play date scheduled for this morning, but had to cancel last minute because I found dried blood on my hand, housecoat-where Ben lays his head while nursing-in his bed, and specks on his ear!  It wasn’t a serious amount, but enough for concern.  After a huge hassle, I managed to get him in to see my family doctor where they told me they couldn’t see any rupture in his ear, nose, mouth.  I was slightly frustrated when I left their office with no answer but to watch for fever and irritability.


After the business of the useless doctor’s appointment, I guzzled a green smoothie and began to clean like a mad-woman.  Our realtor was coming at 4pm to take pictures and to go over our selling agreement.  Chloe decided not to nap, but at least she was content playing in her crib for two hours while I cleaned.  My house was immaculate and I felt really proud of it.  The challenge now is to keep it clean.  We will have an official MLS listing on Monday.  That makes me very happy.


Currently, we’re trying a white noise machine during nap time to help the babies sleep longer and without their cries interrupting their sleep.  Neither child likes the machine in their room, so the only option if we’re to use this thing, is to have it in the small “hall” space between the bedrooms.  There is no plug in nearby, so this is what it looks like during nap time:


The white noise machine is at the end of the extension cord at the top of the stairs.


I’m 100lbs.  That’s too light in my opinion.  When I can see bones I’ve never seen before, I’ve lost too much fat.  Being hungry and eating all the time doesn’t seem to make a difference.  I’m wondering if it’s my thyroid.


Number 3 was a boring quick take.


I haven’t done my prayers or spiritual readings yet today.  I think I’m going to go pick up a bottle of wine and some two-bite brownies and spend some time with Jesus.



I haven’t run at all this week.  It’s sad, but life just got super busy and it’s not about to slow down any.  Maybe now that Ben seems to be feeling better, our house is ‘listed’ and it was 20C outside, I can get my butt out the door by 8:35am again.  That’s the plan for next week.


My favorite Bible verse:

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but
the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”
Matthew 7:21

Happy Friday everyone!


5 Favorites (vol.2)

Well the last two days have been a bit of a nightmare here.  Preparing to put the house up for sale and fighting with Ben to sleep the night and nap during the day, have exhausted me and left me low on energy and enthusiasm.  BUT, I managed to still find 5 favorite things that I am enjoying this week!

1. Simple Face Wipes.  Retail for about $6-$8 depending where you buy them, but I get them FREE with coupons!  I have found that make-up removal face wipes have become a must for me if my face is to stay clean and free of make-up while I get my beauty sleep (haha, who am I kidding.  I do not get any beauty sleep.  If I did, I wouldn’t need make-up!).




2. Kirkland Diaper Wipes.  Decided to try these when they went on a wicked sale: $15 for 900 wipes ($1.66 per package of 100 wipes)!  And I absolutely love them!  They are big, have the proper amount of wetness, non-scented, and wipe them little bums clean without having to scrub!  I will definitely buy more of these in the future.



3. Kirkland Minced Garlic.  This is a fantastic buy because I used minced garlic a lot when making meals.  This bad boy cost us a little over $4, which is ridiculous compared to the tiny little jars at Safeway with about 5 tbsps of product in them for the same price.  Buy it.  You’ll love it.



4. Cloth storage bins.  These are great for keeping the toys from looking messy while we show our house!  I found these at Walmart for $7.97.  Not my ideal price, but definitely worth the price for the amount I can cut down on sorting kids toys to make them look ‘nice’.  Maybe I should have done a before/after picture…



5. Buddy Fruits.  Saw these at Walmart today and of course I hadn’t eaten yet, they sounded healthy and were $0.99.  Ummm, I ate the apple one and it was delicious.  I thought about saving the orange flavoured on for Chloe, but that’s still to be seen.  The only downer is it has 23g of sugar!  My 2 year old would definitely be bouncing off the walls, but it’s natural sugars…so it’s ok, right?



How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex and Does NFP Work?

I read two really, really great articles today.  In a sense they may have seemed to be conflicted, but then again I think they worked together beautifully.  One was written with a secular perspective and another with Catholic background.  Both led to serious insite of my marriage and maybe help me decide where to go from here.  Thanks Angela for sharing them with me!

“NFP doesn’t work!  You have so many kids” – from the blog House Unseen.

“How Often Should Married Couples Have Sex?” – from The Wall Street Journal.