Personal ‘Good Friday’

Hallelujah our Lord is Risen!  In my opinion, nothing draws you closer to the Passion of our Lord then being a parent.

My kids are sick.  Ben is teething and up every 2-3 hours at night, and during the day he is fussy and clingy.  Not only are we dealing with these stubborn teeth, but both Chloe and Ben have colds.  The last few days have left me seriously sleep-deprived, with the great temptation to be grumpy and angry.  When that temptation arises, graces seem to flood over me and all I can think about is Fr. McLeod’s Good Friday homily and his question “How do you act when you are encountered with your own personal ‘Good Friday’?”  Our homework was to read Psalm 22 and reflect on it.

Jesus is drawing me closer to Him and His Passion by allowing my children to test me physically and emotionally this weekend.  Jesus was tested physically and emotionally for love of me, and has shown me through His Passion how to make it through my own personal Good Friday.

Right now I am on my second cup of coffee, my daughter is watching morning cartoons and my son is playing happily with his toys.  I am exhausted, but the grumpies have left.  His graces keep coming and blessing me and I can have joy amidst my “sufferings”.

Also, not even this sleep-deprived mom with sick children can be down when we have just celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord!  The salvation of our souls!  No way am I going to let this be a gloomy, grumpy day!

Happy Easter Monday!  Don’t forget to feast and celebrate!  We had chocolate as part of our breakfast 😉



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