7 Quick Take Friday (vol. 1)


I decided I wanted to try switching from well known, name brand make-up to something more natural and healthy for my skin.  On Pinterest, a friend pinned a brand called Jane Iredale and after doing some research, I decided to give it a try.  On Wednesday morning I placed my online order, and received it yesterday afternoon!  I was very impressed with the speed and am very excited to try it today!  Stay tuned for a full post of my thoughts on this product!



I am really bad at remembering to give my kids their vitamin d.  Really bad.  Despite the fact that our pediatrician gives us D-Drops for free, I hate them because it takes forever for a drop to come out.  When you’re just about ready to nurse a ravenous baby or feed a “starving” toddler, they just can’t wait for the drops.  FINALLY I went to the grocery store to get gummy vitamins.  It’s super easy and Chloe loves them!  So far, I have not forgotten to give them to her every day since we’ve bought them!



The forecast for the next few days is snow, snow and more snow.  How much snow?  About 10-15cm!



Ben is teething, cranky and has been up a lot over night.  Last night he slept from 9:20pm-4:20am!  This is one happy mom!  I’m trying to not let the small things turn into big things.  In the long run, this sleep deprivation is short-lived, and I keep trying to remind myself that at least my babies don’t have cancer.  A friend of mine has a week old baby who was born with cancer!  This little baby is teaching me how to love my babies better.


I want to get back into reading: real reading.  Not just blog posts, Facebook updates and recipes.  Reading spiritual books is something I want to focus on.  My spiritual life desperately needs nourishing and what better way to go deeper into my faith, get some real reading in then to read a book by a saint (who is also a doctor of the Catholic faith) and join a Catholic Bible Study for women about the woman in Proverbs 51!  Not only does my soul need nourishing, but my mind needs some sort of educational stimulation, so I’m reading E.B. White’s ‘The Elements of Style’.  I haven’t picked up this book since high school, but am geekishly excited to read it again!



House hunting/selling is slow moving, but at least we’re moving.  This weekend our realtor is away so we won’t be able to go see homes, but it’s a good opportunity to finish the little projects that need to get done before we list.  The basement is cleaned up and organized, and our hottub room is looking more and more like a spa/fitness room: we just need to remove the desk and printer!  I am so excited to be in our new place wherever that might be.


Why does running gear have to be so pricey?  I would love some of the neat little gadgets and gizmos to use while running.  Maybe it would be an even greater motivator.  I shouldn’t complain though because Ryan “let me” get a $350 double jogging stroller, which I love (and would use more regularly if it ever stops snowing!).  Here is just one more little gadget that is on my “Runner’s Dream Wishlist”: GPS for runners.

Happy Friday everyone!


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