Jane Iredale Review – Part 1

This morning I tried my Jane Iredale Starter Kit and absolutely loved it for many different reasons.


I ordered the make-up on Wednesday morning and received it on Thursday afternoon.  This speedy service was very satisfying and I didn’t have to pay extra for it.


When I opened it, the make-up kit was wrapped in beautiful tissue paper with a dried sprig of lavendar resting on it.  I was greeted with a delightful scent while unraveling my new treat.



This is what it looks like when you unravel the paper:





So, it’s safe to say that they package it beautifully.  The ONLY thing I didn’t like about the packaging was that nothing was clearly labelled.  After searching a bit, I did find a picture diagram on the bottom of the box.


The before and after was quite impressive – the pictures I took, not so much.  The make-up has a very pleasant, natural odor and went on very smooth and quickly.  I have a bit of rosacea around my nose and dark circles around my eyes so was VERY impressed when it covered them completely.  The tinted moisturizor with SPF spread easily and a little went a long way.  The concealor covered everything I wanted it to, and lasted all day!  I mixed the two foundations (I tip I found on youtube) to help them last longer and it provided an even, natural looking coverage.  I found the blush to go on heavy and it’s a bit too dark for my liking, but easily managed to get the right shade by just going over top of it with more foundation.  The lipstick was soft, smooth and a natural colour.  My lips didn’t dry out, flake or crease when using this product.





This is everything that comes in the kit, except for the lipstick: that is in my son’s room and he is sleeping.  This is before I add my non-Jane Iredale make-up (which will soon be non-existant thanks to my new found products).


I liked the concealor and foundation brush, but I prefer a bigger brush (in general) for my blush.


In no way am I a proffesional with make-up/beauty, but as a busy mom who doesn’t like to leave the house without some make-up, Jane Iredale provided what I was looking for.  It’s quick, easy and provides a natural look with safe, natural ingredients.  The price for all of this came out to $95, which I thought was very decent for everything I received.

I’ll see how long the products lasts with daily use and provide updates on their other products as I try them.


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