Busy Weekend

We skipped out on house hunting this weekend, but by no means does that mean it was a quiet one.  It was time to get a headstart on shopping for Chloe’s second birthday party and catch up on some long overdue baking.

On Saturday, our first stop was at Walmart, where we found nothing.  Darn.  We headed over to Toys R Us and waited in the parking lot for ten minutes before it opened.  It was kinda fun looking at all the toys there, but we had a mission and knew what we wanted to get her.

The Disney Princess Foam High Back Chair (seen here) was only $30, but was broken.  That was slightly disappointing, but I’ll go check out another location sometime this week.  We also wanted to get her dress up shoes and a crown.  After looking at the many (and I mean MANY) options, we narrowed it down to some really cute, decently priced ones which cost us $15 total.  I was excited and pleased with this purchase, until I went to Superstore and found a crown and shoes for about $8 total.  They weren’t the same brand as the Toys R Us ones, but honestly, Chloe doesn’t know and she won’t care.  So I returned the Toys R Us ones and bought the Superstore ones.


(left: $8  right: $15)

On Sunday, Ryan was sick with a bad stomach ache.  I won’t say what caused this tummy trouble.  I was up with the kids at 7am and managed not only to get everyone dressed and fed – including a cup of coffee for me – I got to curl my hair before dressing every in their snowsuits and heading out the door for 9am Mass.  Oh ya.  I did this with my supermom powers.

When we got home, I made whole wheat honey carrot muffings and quiche for lunch, with a side of fruit.


(it’s not very colourful or artsy, but it was delicious)

After lunch I made homemade buns, hamburgers and fries from scratch.  By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted.


(Some of my baking.  I was too tired to take pictures of the homemade burgers and fries.)

Oh, by the way, did I mention that on Friday Ryan’s car died while he was driving home from work?  I am car-less this week as he works to repair a loose timing belt (whatever that means, but apparently it’s serious).


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