One of THOSE Days

You know those days when every little thing seems to put you off and annoy you?  That’s today for me.  From not having enough laundry baskets for all my laundry to having too much damn laundry for those laundry baskets!  And it’s not even COOL laundry: cool laundry means clothes for me. From snagging my mitt on the fence and spending 5 seconds getting ‘un-stuck’ to freezing my face off in a short walk.  I also changed 4 poopy diapers before 11:30am.  GRR!

Everything is just annoying me today, and I think my kids can tell because they are irritable too.  Chloe is bored beyond belief and Ben skipped his morning nap, so was super clingy and tired.  It’s only 1:05pm, but I have put both of them to bed.  And they had better sleep.

Ryan has a head cold, so now that he’s sick he most likely won’t work on his car very much so that means I will probably be carless until next week.  Ugh, why is it that when I don’t need/want to get out of the house I have access to a car, and today, when it would be great to get out, I am stranded.

I know I should count my blessings.  Today I had a shower.


That’s how long it took to shower, wash my hair, and shave!

In that time Ben was safely in his bed and Chloe was rocking out to Raffi’s “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.  Despite the fact that she was clapping her hands, I know she wasn’t happy.  I had a refreshing walk, 2 cups of warm (no hot coffee for me today) and am now sitting alone dreaming of my ideal playroom, researching DIY quiet books (and trying to find where I can still buy neck warmers so as not to freeze my face off in this so-called Spring weather), and planning my Michaels shopping trip tonight.

I have a feeling the day isn’t about to get better, so in order to brace myself for what is to come, I’d better get off the computer and get in a physical and spiritual workout.



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