Today Was Not Too Bad!

It’s 2:30pm, and despite the fact that my house now looks like this (minus the dog and I have brown hair):


Today was great! Ben slept reasonably well last night, and instead of starting my morning with emails while Chloe watched cartoons, she played with her brother and I tidied up. Everyone was dressed by 9am (including me!) and then I figured it was an ok time to watch Super Readers.

When Ben when down for his morning nap, we actually went outside! The fresh air was good for us, but so was the one-on-one play time. I left my phone inside so I could focus solely on my Chloe. We threw balls, jumped in puddles, ran races, and coloured with chalk:



Daddy has been sick, so we wanted him to have a nice message when he came home from work.

After we can inside and had a quick lunch, we headed out for groceries! It was 11:30am and usually I am not that adventurous so close to nap time, but Ben just woke up and Chloe hasn’t napped in three days: might as well get something done!

I was a styling mom wearing my sunglasses, UGGs and headband. Totally hot. JK.

When we parked at Save-on-Foods, I thought I had parked in the Parent Parking, but it turns out I was actually in senior parking. So I backed out, went around to the other side and found one Parent Parking stall left. SNAG! As I was pulling the kids out of the car, a SENIOR got into his car which was parked in the other Parent Parking stall. *left eye twiches, mouth purses*. He got the stink eye from this mom.

If I had an iPhone or some sort of smartphone, I would have recorded Chloe singing Baby Beluga and ‘DEEEEE-OOO—Daylight come and me wanna go hoooome’ and Ben arching his back to look at the lights on the roof of the grocery store. I would have taken a picture of Chloe driving like a crazy person in the car-cart and Ben sleeping with his forehead on the wheel. Some memories will just have to remain in my heart.

Not only did we hit up 3 grocery stores in 2 hours (oh ya baby), we did it without having to get a cookie from the bakery at ANY of the stores! *GASP*

We did not too bad on our haul today:


This was about $39

Any guesses how much we spent? This was at three stores. Haha, who am I kidding, no one reads this.

The babies are actually BOTH sleeping now *another GASP* and I have put all the groceries away, cleaned up the kitchen and went PEE (I would gasp again, but there are too many gasps already)! A good mom holds in her pee for 2 hours while grocery shopping because a) she knows there is precious little time shopping with two quiet and content babies and b) they is no way the big ass shopping cart that has the two steering wheels would fit in the bathroom stall door.

There is no need to work out today because I worked up a sweat pushing around the cart, hauling groceries, hurrying to get babies down for a nap. I’m enjoying the quiet while eating snap peas and drinking my berry blast smoothie. Next on my to do list is to organize some quiet-time bins. I picked these up at Michaels this past week. They have 50% off coupons for regular priced items. These were all $1 regular price, so I got them each for $0.50 (I had people help me get these :P)!


Items for quiet-time bins and for birthday party favours


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