“Was THAT Planned????”

This weekend I attended the Catholic Womens Conference where over 500 women gathered together to hear Colleen Carroll Campbell speak about the female genius. She spoke beautifully and I was so delighted with her talks that I purchased the cds and her new book “My Sisters The Saints”. Her devotion to the saints is exactly what I have started to strive for.

During the conference, I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in at least a year and a half. She had come with her friend and after re-introductions, I asked my friend about her kids (I hadn’t seen her oldest since he was 1 and now he’s almost 3! I hadn’t seen her daughter at all and she’ll be 1 in a month!). After a brief update on her kids, her friend asks me:

“Do you have kids?”

With a proud smile, I said, “Yes. Two.”

Her eyes grew large and she said, “Oh wow, already?”  In my mind I was like, Umm I’m almost 26…what do you mean by already?  Instead I kept that proud smile on my face and said:

“Yup.  They are two under two actually.”

Pretty sure her eyes just about popped out of her head. “What?!  Seriously?  Was that planned?”

I was taken aback since I was at a Catholic women’s conference and hadn’t really thought I’d get such a reaction.

“No.” I said slowly. “We didn’t plan to have our children so close together.  But I read a great book on Catholic marriage, and well, my son was born 9 months later.”  Yes.  That was my terrible, awkward reply, but it was the truth.  I didn’t need to read Shades of Grey to make my sex-life awesome.  I just had to read a book about authentic Catholic marriage and the love of spouses and “Hello Ben”, nine months later.

I was thinking more about my answer.  While not a bad one, I felt that I could have done better by saying that God planned both my babies at the right time.  I may not have felt that way initially, and may have doubted what He had in store for me, but His plans and my babies are the best thing that has ever happened to me (aside from my husband, because he’s just awesome.  Ask him.  He’ll tell you.)

Oh, by the way, my kids aren’t “that”, they are “they’s”.


Me and my babies after our morning jog.


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