5 Favorites (vol. 1)

I’ve been addicted to blogs lately and found something kind of neat: 5 favorites.  So this is something I’m going to add to my Wordless Wednesday (although I didn’t do that yesterday) and my Quick Take Fridays.

This week, my 5 Favorites have been:

1. Jane Iredale Starter Kit Yes, I am still raving about this.  In just 5 minutes, the circle/delete concealor and the two PurePressed Bases give me a brighter glowing face that lies about how exhausted I really am.  My mom make-up bag wouldn’t be complete any more without these products.


2. Bolthouse Smoothies are saving me this week.  We’ve been getting out early every morning for a jog, and then when I come home it’s great to enjoy their delicious, healthy beverages.  Thanks to coupons and sales, Chloe, Ben and I have been guzzling up on Berry Blast and Strawberry Banana this week.  Be sure to contact them and let them know what your favorite products are and they will send you coupons!

bolthouse farms_thumb[3]

3. Wind Breaker Jacket.  I bought one from Mark’s Work Warehouse about 5 years ago before I went to “Windy Wellington” New Zealand.  Best jacket ever.  When I am running on a cold, windy or rainy day, this jacket keeps me warm.  The only thing I hate about it are the zippers.  They are not so easy to zip.  One day I’d love to buy this jacket from Lululemon.  They just don’t have a colour I’m in love with yet.


4. Liberte Greek Mediterranean Lemon Yogurt!  This treat is usually close to $5 for 500g, so I was delighted when it came on sale for $2.49 this week at Superstore.  It’s super high in calories and fattening, but who cares?!  It’s GREEK YOGURT!

liberte lemon5. Word Among Us.  This little book provides the daily readings of the Mass, along with a short reflection, for every month.  It’s perfect to read while the kids are eating breakfast and is a great way to start my day.  I pick it up at my church every month for $2.



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