7 Quick Takes (vol. 3)

Today has been great so far!  This has probably something to do with Ben sleeping from 10:30pm-4:15am last night!  After a cup of coffee, hot oatmeal and of course feeding and dressing the kids, we were off for the day!


It’s snowing.


Ryan fixed my double jogging stroller so we started the day with a brisk 5K interval run!  The best part of this was that despite the blowing snow and frigid temperatures, we finished this run in 35 minutes!  When we got home I threw Ben in bed for a nap, Chloe sat down to have some yogurt and I jumped in the shower!  Three minutes later I came out and manage to get dressed in JEANS and have my make-up in place before my sister arrived with  Tim’s one-and-one.  This was all before…9:30am!

This is how my perfect morning would unfold!  BLISS!


Chloe is learning to dress herself, but isn’t quite getting it yet:


“Help Mommy! I’m stuck!”


Stuck in Ben’s shirt


Speaking of getting dressed…yesterday we were at the mall and stopped by The Children’s Place.  Those big “40% of clearance items” signs persuaded me to enter the store.  Upon rifling through girl tops on the rack in the back, I found a Cinderella shirt (her favorite princess) and a Dora shirt.  Once I showed them to Chloe there was no denying her these shirts and quite frankly, I didn’t want to!

Oh yeah.  When we were at Superstore earlier in the day, I found a Dora potty training book with a button that sounds like a flushing toilet.  Let’s hope that this book will help us with potty training once we move!  She already tells me when she poops in her diaper so I think that’s an excellent start!


The best things in life come in threes, right?


I finished painting today!  We had a wall in our house that needed a coat of paint and so all we have left to do is install our DIY headboard in our bedroom that Ryan made, and maybe put up baseboard in the sunroom.  THEN WE CAN LIST OUR HOUSE!  Oh moving is so close!  I can’t wait until the kids have their own bedrooms and a playroom!


This is funny!



Don’t ever think you can skip your laundry day.  Ever.  It will bite you in the ass and you’ll be doing it every day for the next week.  Here are some funny laundry ecards I feel I can relate to:





Happy Friday everyone!  Don’t forget to pop on over to see what Angela’s been up to lately!


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