Fun at Church

Lots of people are writing about children being a part of the Mass and I totally agree. Check out Christy’s blog on this topic because I really couldn’t write it better than she!

Yesterday’s Mass was a little bit weird for us. Not the Mass itself, but what happened during it. After we picked our pew, the older gentleman in front of us turned around, admired our little Ben and told us:

“You two make really cute babies. You should make more.”

On one hand I realize it’s a compliment and our babies are cute, but on the other I wish he’d just say that: “Your babies are cute.” At least it’s not as awkward as the man who told Ryan that if a couple has sex on the night of a full moon, they’d have a son. This fellow told us this useful bit of information before we got pregnant with Ben. We avoid him now.

Chloe seemed extra active and walked back and forth between Grandma, 4 year old Uncle Liam and Aunty Em. Back and forth, back and forth finally led to her tripping over the kneeler and banging her head on the pew in front of us. I cringed as she started to cry, hoping it wasn’t going to become a banshee wail, but thankfully Daddy’s arms comforted her quickly.

Ben usually gets tired at about halfway through Mass, but is generally really good. His soother can console him until we beeline it home, but yesterday he was simply exhausting me. Squirming, fussing, scratching my face, pulling my hair, etc. It got to the point where I felt not only the people behind me would be able to pay better attention to Mass if I left the pew, but maybe I’d catch a few words here and there too.

When I returned to my seat, we were getting ready to leave for communion and the 4 elderly ladies in front of us were discussing whether or not they should leave their purses behind.

“Do you think it’s safe?” said one lady.

“I’m just going to cover mine with my coat.” said another.

It was hard not to laugh at their insecurity.  We came back from communion and their purses were still there! Who would have thought.

Near the end of Mass, Chloe caught sight of the Dora back pack and water bottle that belonged to the girl sitting behind us. Dora is a new thing in our house. Actually she is a hard-core obsession. We spent the rest of Mass hearing “rora” “rora” “rora”: good thing there was only about 10 minutes.

Not a ‘bad’ Mass, but definitely a busy and tiring one.


Saying she LOVES Dora is an understatement.


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