What a Busy Week!

I’m taking a short 10 minute break (yes, I’m actually going to time myself!).  This week has been insanely busy and I have hardly had a time to shower, let alone sit down to blog!  But that’s ok, because here is what has kept me busy!

On Monday our house was officially listed on the MLS market.  Since then, we’ve had 5 showings and another is scheduled for tonight! 

Ok, I have 4 minutes until my break is done.

It’s tough work keeping the house clean, not just tidy, when we have 1-2 showings a day, but I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with myself and how I’ve been managing.  We have been watching more Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast and Veggies Tales, but hopefully since the weather is finally getting nicer – 18C today! – that we can spend our time outside.

Speaking of keeping the house clean…Chloe and I were snacking on broccoli and ranch dressing this morning.  She had 4 or 5 pieces and that made me really excited that she might like a new veggie!  But apparently she was just chewing the pieces until all the ranch was gone, and storing the chewed up mush in her cheeks.  She must not have been able to fit any more because when I went back to the kitchen, she had spit it into a nice little pile on the kitchen floor, was pointing at it and saying ‘Ew.’  Broccoli fail.  Oh yeah, now I have to mop the floor.

Tonight is my brother’s birthday so lucky for us we have somewhere to go during tonight’s showing.  Tomorrow is Chloe’s birthday so tonight I need to make cupcakes and prepare for her birthday party on Saturday.  The in-laws are also coming up tomorrow and that should be fun and interesting (there is part sarcasm in there, part truth).

Well my ten minutes are up, but I’ll post later today what my 5 favorites have been this week!

PS. Ben has only woken up ONCE the past two nights!  Hallelujah!


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