My Little Girl is 2!

This weekend has been crazy!

Friday we had a birthday party/play date with Chloe’s little friends and she had a blast.  I also quite enjoyed the visit with their parents.  Despite the business of the morning, the new 2 year old decided she did not need a nap.  Tough luck for her because the day got even busier…


Tutu Love!

I hurriedly cleaned up my house post-birthday party and thank goodness Ryan came home early to tidy up the yard a bit.  Once the house was clean, I decided we were all just going to leave because there was no way I wanted to be cleaning any more before the 5pm second viewing (they saw our house the night before and wanted to come again).  We decided to head over to the mall to hang out and grab supper.  I realized that having only eaten 2 cupcakes, a bowl of plain pasta and 3 cups of coffee that day that I was starving and needed a whole foot long sub to myself.  Delish.

We took Chloe to the newly renovated Disney Store and it was amazing!  There was a castle with mirrors in it, a children’s’ centre for colouring and watching scenes from your favorite Disney show.  It was overwhelming how much cool Disney paraphernalia there was, and I felt like all my dreams could come true there.  Haha jk, but it was a pretty sweet store.

Ryan’s parents and his 15 year old brother showed up around 6:30pm, but just before they arrived, we finally got to give Chloe her birthday present from us 🙂


Love this smile


Maybe she will stop using my shoes…(no she doesn’t btw)

She got so many great presents this weekend and was very grateful for all of them.  These presents were mainly princess items, and our house looked like Disney threw up in it.  No jokes.  I went all out on the decorations, Grandpa & Grandma Gaudet bought her princess furniture for her room, Aunties bought her princess books, princess nightgowns, princess water bottles, etc!

I won’t bore you with all the party details, but it really was a blast and everything worked out so smoothly and perfectly.  Despite the fact that I am exhausted from Ben waking up a bazillion times over the weekend, I really enjoyed it!  Today is 27C and as soon as the babies wake up we’re going to go outside to continue enjoying the weekend.

Here are some more party pictures to finish off this post:






011 Photo #1: Day she was born Photo #2: Day she turned 2


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