The Kids are Sick

The kids are sick and I’m tired.  WHAT ELSE IS NEW?! probably what you are yelling at me right now.  Nothing really; oh, except I’m sick too!  I hate being sick when the kids are sick.  Not much gets accomplished because I am exhausted and they are too.

Anyways, I wanted to share with you a conversation Miss Chloe and I had last night:

“Duck.” Chloe says as she points to the robins in her book.
“No, birds.” I said, trying to correct.
“Duck.  Duck.” she said as she stubbornly pounded her finger on the picture.
“Bird.” I said.
“Duck.” she said.
Ryan is chuckling on the couch.
“Bird.”  I obviously was getting no where.  
The next time she said “Duck.” I said, “Duck!”
Pausing, she realizing I had said the same things as her.  Then she said, “Ok.” and turns the page to continue the story. 
That backfired.

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