5 Favorites (vol.3)

1. Starbucks Refreshers are simply delicious.  I’ve tried the vanilla and mocha (mocha is my favorite).  Blend with a little bit of ice and you have your own DIY ‘iced capp’.  This will be wonderful for those hot summer days that are coming.  This week they are 2/$4 at Save-on-Foods and with coupons with be $1/each!  Who gets an iced capp for that ridiculously good price: this girl!



2. New Purse from Smart Set was a must.  After at least 5 years with my tried and true, I decided it was time to part ways.  When I saw exactly what I was looking for at Smart Set for $14.99, I was sold!  So far it’s been perfect for my needs; it fits diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet, lip chap, cell phone and coupons!



3.  White Noise Machine from Conair has been a life saver for naps!  Neither Chloe or Ben hear each other crying and they have been taking great naps!  It has 10 different noise settings, but we prefer the white noise.  I bought mine for $25 at Superstore, but the deal on Amazon is way better!



4. Barefoot Moscato is cheap and delicious.  I like to enjoy a glass every night!  And at $8, I may have stocked up.



5. Free to Be Tank from Lululemon.  I bought the yellow one when it was on clearance and LOVE it!  No bra needed and the back straps are fantastic.  Simply slip this on and I am set for the day no matter what activity I plan on doing.  I’ll take a picture of myself in it when Ben is asleep.



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