7 Quick Takes (vol.5)

It’s Friday again, yay!  My husband is on his way home, and as soon as he gets here I am driving back to Save on Foods to tell them they over charged me by $25!  Ouch!  Wish me luck.


One of my very best friends is pregnant!  This is so exciting for her and her husband as they expect their third child.  I am overjoyed for them and am looking forward to meeting their little baby in 9 months!


We had only one showing this week and it was last night at 7:20pm.  Right smack during the babies bed time.  We left the house when we saw the clients pull up, went for a quick car wash and back in 15 minutes.  I know our home has only been on the market for less than 2 weeks, but I’ve got to say I am already tired of maintaining a home that is clean enough for showings.  I’m on day 2 of a Novena to St. Joseph to help us sell ‘quickly’ and for a good price.


We went to the park yesterday as a family.  This is the first time we’ve done it with Ben.  Chloe loves playing there and we usually need a good bribe to bring her home.  The bribe is usually watching Beauty and the Beast.



I didn’t run or workout at all this week.  Hopefully next week I will be feeling better and well motivated to get out and go!



I hate taking self-portraits, but it’s very rare for me to actually have photos of me with the kids.  So 1000 shots later -don’t laugh at them, we’re sick- here are two decent ones:

007 009


Here are two movies I want to see:

Iron-Man-3-Iron-Legion-Poster-Official-570x845 new-great-gatsby-poster


My babies are awake, so I have to jet.  I’m just rambling anyways.

Happy Friday and don’t forget to check out Jen’s 7 Quick Takes!


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