My Mother’s Day

My Mother’s Day was GREAT!

The kids let us both sleep in until 7:45am, which is unreal!  Because it was Sunday, we had to get up at that time to make it to 9am Mass.  Ryan was amazing and got both kids ready for church – fed, changed and dressed!  He brought me two Tim Hortons muffins that he had picked up the night before, because he knew that muffins are one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast.  I thought it was fitting to eat my Mother’s Day breakfast with coffee in my favorite mug:


Mass was the usual gong-show struggle with the babies, but I got a lot of “Happy Mother’s Day” well wishes from people I didn’t even know!  The Pregnancy Crisis Center had their yearly fundraiser at all the Catholic churches, which was the selling of roses!  My children – with the funds from Daddy and help from Aunty – picked out two beautiful roses for me:


We had a delicious brunch with my family, and the babies ‘gave’ Grandma their gifts:


We headed home for baby naps.  Ben napped, but Chloe and I went to Safeway to pick up items for a meal with making for a family with a sick baby.  I learned the two reasons why you don’t let a stubborn two year old walk around in a grocery store: 1) she will go and not stop 2) she will stop and not go…It was a nice trip though.  We stopped at the bakery to get a cookie, carried the basket together and she got to push the buttons at the self-check out.

The babies and I spent the afternoon outside: it was absolutely beautiful!  I’ll let pictures describe the afternoon to you:

008012013 015016026009030


For dinner we had pizza – again, one of my favorite things to eat – and one was even shaped like a heart!  The kids went to bed at a decent time, and we watch Wreck It Ralph with my sister Emilie.  The day was perfect and I was so grateful to Ryan for making it so special.  I was definitely spoiled and made sure to thank God for my husband, because without him I wouldn’t be a mother!




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