Ten Reasons Chloe was Crying Today

There were far more than just ten reasons that Chloe was crying today, but I thought it’d be easier to narrow it down to 10 instead of 82.

1. I wouldn’t give her 5 snacks before 10am.

2. She threw her book on the floor and didn’t want to throw it on the floor.

3. It was so windy today she was blown into the open car door.

4. I couldn’t push two full sized shopping carts – she, along with Ben, wanted to also ride in the child seat.

5. I wouldn’t let her push a full sized shopping cart.

6.  I don’t know why she threw herself on the floor face down at Old Navy and cried.

7.  I pushed the button to open the store’s automatic door.

8. Not all car rides lead to Grandma’s house.

9. I told her the toy at the store was not hers.

10. I made eye contact.


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