Still Living Here…Still Waiting to Sell…

Patience is a virtue, that should be my daily mantra.  Not only am I learning patience as a wife and mother, but especially in this time of waiting to sell and move to a new home.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been waiting since January 2012 to move: ever since finding out I was pregnant with Ben.  Finally, when Ben was 8+ months, we listed the house.  Today we have our 10th showing and I just finished my novena to St. Joseph and specifically asked that today’s viewers be “the ones”.  I asked that a reasonable offer is made on our home from these viewers.  I also prayed for patience, understanding and acceptance if this is not the case.

They are coming tonight between 5:15-6pm, which makes dinner time with the kids a little bit difficult.  Instead of dwelling on that though, I’m hoping we can pop on over to Home Depot to pick up some flowers for the flower beds and pots.  If we’re going to be here all summer -which might very well be the case- then I at least want to make the outside beautiful and enjoyable.  I’ll share pictures when I get some flowers.

I also decided that as I clean and prepare our home for others to see, I’ll pray for those who will enter our home.  I’ll clean as a loving service to not only my family, but to these complete strangers as well.  St. Therese took every seemingly small opportunity to use it for santification, and that’s something I can learn from her during this trying waiting period.

Please keep praying for us though!


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