7 Quick Takes (vol.7)

Joining all the other ladies with cooler quick-takes than me…Today, I ramble.


These babies are the highlight of my week!  I got them for $4 while in stores you can buy them for $80!  I collected 6 pins from Astro Zero yogurt, and when I had them all I chose my style, size and ordered!  I took the kids out for a 5k run yesterday morning – we were out the door by 8am! – and these shoes were amazing.  Very comfortable, great arch, flexible and wicked colours.  I would buy a pair of these for retail price if I ever needed to.



A couple days ago the kids and I headed out to the library and the local deli/bakery.  They both cost the same as at a grocery store, but are way more delicious.



I’m trying this new skin care product.  It’s a breathable face mask said to help with many different skin conditions.  Hopefully it will help with my roseacha around my nose and my overly dry feet.  So far, I’ve got to admit, I do not like the feel, the smell and that it’s somewhat tricky to peel off in the mornings.  BUT if it works, I will keep using it.



I got free Van Houtte k-cups and 3 boxes of Tampax tampons.  THAT was a great mail day 🙂



I can’t believe Ben is just about 9 months old.  Seriously, where does the time go?  He’s starting to stand himself up and attempting stairs.  Baby I am not ready for this!



This boy loves him some meat.  We like to give him whole pork chops or steak, and here he is knawing on a pork rib!  He loved it and cried when we took it away.  We only took it away because there was nothing left but bone!



Last night I finished reading another book!  WOW!  I feel like I’m on a role what with finishing two books in two months!  Blessed Pope John Paul II wrote a beautiful encyclical about the dignity and vocation of women and it was great to read along-side my Proverbs 31 Bible study.  My favorite part of this book, but the section on motherhood.  It’s actually so beautiful and inspiring that I posted it here.


I hope everyone has a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Check out Jen’s 7 Quick Takes.


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