The Important Thing About Yelling

Yup.  Today I am sharing blog posts of motherly wisdom from other mothers.  This spoke right to the heart of me, because I have caught myself yelling at or getting frustrated with my kids simply because they WANT ME!  I am mad because I am wanted by the ones I love the most?!  That doesn’t seem right.  The things that caused Rachel to yell and lose it with her kids are very similar explosion factors in my life.  Busy schedule, too much texting, too much computer time, overly obsessing on having a clean and perfect house, and worst of all, being upset that I get no ME time.

Take a couple minutes to reflect on The Important Thing About Yelling.




3 thoughts on “The Important Thing About Yelling

  1. Once I realized my childrens’ want for me, I found it a little easier to not yell at them for ‘infringing’ on my time. I found it much easier to just be with them. Today, we just sat together and played. There was a lot less whining and crying because of it.

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