Summer is Here…

Yesterday it did not rain – AMAZING – so we got to enjoy some time in the sun.  My upper legs have a small burn on them, which gives them a colour other than blinding white.  I went for a run at 2:30 in the afternoon and that was intense!  29C, black leggings, and no sunglasses proved to be a challenge I accepted.  Because it was so warm, I should have cut down on the length of my run so as not to get as warm as I did, but there are no regrets.

Since it was so hot all day, Chloe had trouble staying asleep.  She woke up a couple times before midnight and was just beside herself.  Ryan tried to calm her down, but she just wanted her Mommy.  After calming Ben – whom she woke – I went in to deal with her.  After a few attempts at calming her in her own bed, I just brought her to mine.  That didn’t work so well for any of us because a) she’s a bed hog b) she wanted to be as close to me as possible which made her even hotter and more uncomfortable c) she wouldn’t stop squirming.  I brought her back to her bed and laid on her bedroom floor for about an hour until she fell asleep.  When she woke up at 6:30, I brought her to my bed and she is still sleeping there right now with her daddy.  Ben on the other hand is awake and clingy.  He slept really well though (11:50ish-7:30ish) so I can’t complain.

Today is supposed to be 33C so we’ll likely be heading to the spray park for some sweet relief.




That’s right folks!  We.  Are.  OUTTA HERE!  We closed on the sale of our home on Monday night and at the same time, we made an offer on another home.  Boy, have we been busy or what?!  Currently we are pending on our offer and have until July 3rd to have conditions met.  Possession of this house is for August 12th which will come really quick!  I’m so relieved not to be showing our home anymore and will begin packing once our offer goes through (I’m trying to be confident :)).

Ryan and I are really excited to start this new part of our lives, but we’ll definitely be on financial lock down for the next few months!

Edmonton Got Slammed

While the flooding in Edmonton is no where near what it was like in Calgary or High River, we seriously got slammed today.  The sun is shinning brilliantly right now, making the whole day seem unreal; but the water in our basement and the flooded Yellowhead makes everything very real.

Just look at this!




5 Favorites (vol. 4)

I fell off this band wagon for a bit and now I’m back!  Linking up with Moxie Wife.

1.  Lindt Excellence.  Any flavour really.  When it goes on sale for $2.50 (at Shoppers Drug Mart or Save on Foods), I usually buy a fair amount in order to try new flavours.  Yesterday I bought two bars of this flavour:


  Ryan and I ate the one bar yesterday, and the other appears to have disappeared so I assume he brought it to work with him.

2. Runner’s Complete Guide to Running.  I was ridiculously excited to find and read this.  I’ve been on a running break lately because of some weird stomach pains, but once I get that sorted out, I’ll be running again!  There are so many good tips and tricks in this book that will help beginners and pros alike!  Definitely a great buy 🙂


3. Save-on-Foods.  This store is awesome, especially now that stacking is back and I can get items for free or really, really cheap!  The staff are amazing as well, and we’re starting to get to know them by name!


4. Jane Iredale.  I really can’t say enough good things about this company and their products.  I finished up the circle/delete concealor so decided to try the Active Light Under Eye Concealor.  I ordered it on Monday afternoon, and received it Tuesday afternoon!  The service of the company is stellar!  I’ll let you know how I like this product, but I’m sure I’ll love it like the others.


5. Sunshine.  It’s been raining here for weeks!  We haven’t really had a nice day since end of May/beginning of June and I’m starting to really miss the sun.  Please come back!  I’m sure the farmers have had enough rain!


The ‘Bad Mom’ Syndrome

I would say the majority of mothers suffer some form of this syndrome in one way or another.  Generally it is brought on by the desire to do the very best for your children, but feeling that you are lacking because you parent differently from other mothers.

I consider myself to be a good mom, but from time to time I suffer from this syndrome.  Some days it’s worse than others, and I find it’s because I’ve compared myself way too much to other women I know.  Being a good mom means you’re doing the best you can within the means given to you.

We all parent differently, and there are so many qualities that I admire in other moms that sometimes I pressure myself to be just like them.  Once the pressure sets in, the guilt swiftly follows.  This is absolutely unnecessary and if you do this to yourself, please give yourself a break.

I don’t think a good mom is one that does everything ‘perfectly’ or just so.  There are qualities and actions I strive for and would love to be at a point in my life where I could live them out daily (buying organic foods, making super healthy meals all the time, working out daily, going hands-free more regularly, no TV, doing more DIY, play more with the kids, etc).  I’m not a bad mom because of it, but sometimes I feel like it because others are at the point in their life where I want to be!

“I’m a bad mom because I (fill in the blank).”  you say, “I’m a good mom because I (fill in the blank).” It’s something I need to remind myself daily.  Even if I feel like the day was terrible and I failed in so many ways, I need to remind myself I am not bad.  Tell another mom why they are a good mom too!  You may not parent the way they do, and maybe even disagree with certain aspects, but they might just need to hear from you, why they are a good mom.

There is one perfect mom: Mary, the Mother of God.  She began her vocation as a mother with the virtue of humility and I think it’s important for us to live humility as well.  It will help us to not suffer from the ‘bad mom’ syndrome and when we do fail, will help us get back up so we can get to where we need to be.

We’re our hardest critics!  Let’s support each other, and get rid of this nasty syndrome together!


frazzled housewife