Summer is Here…

Yesterday it did not rain – AMAZING – so we got to enjoy some time in the sun.  My upper legs have a small burn on them, which gives them a colour other than blinding white.  I went for a run at 2:30 in the afternoon and that was intense!  29C, black leggings, and no sunglasses proved to be a challenge I accepted.  Because it was so warm, I should have cut down on the length of my run so as not to get as warm as I did, but there are no regrets.

Since it was so hot all day, Chloe had trouble staying asleep.  She woke up a couple times before midnight and was just beside herself.  Ryan tried to calm her down, but she just wanted her Mommy.  After calming Ben – whom she woke – I went in to deal with her.  After a few attempts at calming her in her own bed, I just brought her to mine.  That didn’t work so well for any of us because a) she’s a bed hog b) she wanted to be as close to me as possible which made her even hotter and more uncomfortable c) she wouldn’t stop squirming.  I brought her back to her bed and laid on her bedroom floor for about an hour until she fell asleep.  When she woke up at 6:30, I brought her to my bed and she is still sleeping there right now with her daddy.  Ben on the other hand is awake and clingy.  He slept really well though (11:50ish-7:30ish) so I can’t complain.

Today is supposed to be 33C so we’ll likely be heading to the spray park for some sweet relief.


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