5 Favorites (vol.5)

Better late than never!  Linking up with Moxie Wife!

1. Bibs with sleeves.  Ben is an animal when he eats and these bibs basically save his clothing.  They are too warm to wear right now in the summer, but that’s ok because he can go without clothes while he eats and then we just throw him in the tub to get clean.



2. Lindt Excellence Intense Blackcurrent.  Wow.  And I mean WOW!  By far my favorite so far.  I bought the orange and mint flavour the other day, but I have my doubts it will surpass this one.



3. Munchkin Bottle Drying Rack.  I love this thing and will gift it at baby showers.  I dry everything with this, except bottles!  While it was handy when Chloe was on formula, I use it now for drying sippy cups and tupperware.



4. Freeze Dried Yogurt.  Just discovered this tastey treat the other day.  Ben is being a picky eater, so when I saw these on clearout for $0.79, I bought as many as I could and he loves them!  I actually find them quite delicious too.  Thankfully I found a recipe on Pinterest so I can make my own and save a few dollars.



5.  Sold signs.  Silly, yes, but right now I am so crazy happy that our house sold and that we bought a new house that we LOVE!  Sold signs are my best friends right now.



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