7 Quick Takes (vol. 10)

Yay it’s Friday.  This week has been super stressful and tiring, not that the weekend will likely be any less of those things but at least I’ll have Ryan here!


I have been waiting weeks for the release of Pope Francis’ first encyclical!  Part of my goals for this year is to read more about the lives of the saints and also as many encyclicals as I can!  This one in particular excites me because I feel like I’m up-to-date with Pope Francis’ writing at least.

I haven’t read the encyclical Lumen Fidei yet, but I’m hoping to tonight!

LUMEN FIDEI encyclical provisional cover_ B 13.indd


Another thing that excites me greatly is the announcement that Blessed John Paul II is going to be canonized!  We knew it would come, but even still this announcement is huge for the Catholic Church.  Read the article I read here.




UPGRADE!  After I don’t know how many years with my slide phone, I finally got a great deal and upgrade with Bell for the long desired iPhone4!  I am slooooowly learning how to use it and what apps to add.  It’s a fun process but I have to really make sure I am not on it all the time because it’s already prooving to be addicting.



I love reading in the summer time.  It seriously feels like a vacation to take a cold drink outside, plop myself down in a comfy chair and get lost in a good book.  It doesn’t hurt that I am slowly colouring my skin from blinding white to pinky-red…

003 004


The messy packing has begun!  Which reminds me that I should hurry up with this post so that I can pack while both my kids are sleeping.  I strive for two boxes a day.



I caved and bought a Baby Hawk from Kijiji.  It was only $65 and Ben is driving me nuts with his clingy-ness; yesterday was particularly bad.  This may be the only thing that saves my sanity and lets me accomplish daily chores/activities along with packing.




The seventh quick take is always the hardest for me because I run out of things to say to you!  What’s left?  *minutes pass as I think of what to write*…Nope.  I’ve got nothing!  I’m going to wish you all a wonderful Friday and leave you with this Meme from my sister:


Happy Friday and don’t forget to link up with Jen!


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