A Gaudet Family Sunday

This always starts off with going to Mass: this is something we will NEVER miss.  Up until today, we’ve gone to the 9am Mass, but now they have changed it to 9:30.  The half hour seemed to make a huge difference for us in the fact that we were all ready and WAITING before it was time to go.  I had plenty of time to do my hair and make-up!


I actually had time to style my hair today!

We sit with my family, which is something I will miss when we move to Sherwood Park.  Ben is such a squirmy little thing during Mass, usually because he is tired.  I did manage to catch the Gospel reading and part of the homily which is a huge accomplishment: we must embrace our crosses in life.  St. Paul said he bragged only of the Cross in his life and we’re to do the same no matter what it may be.  I think right now my cross is the constant struggle with a clingy, whiny Ben and the fight to get him to sleep.  With this comes exhaustion and sleepless nights.


Ryan is in charge of brunch when we get home; usually it’s his delicious homemade hashbrowns, bacon or sausages and eggs.  Chloe gets to watch some Donald Duck episodes on Youtube and Ben either goes down for a nap or has a snack; he is usually grumpy.  While Ryan makes brunch, I have my second cup of coffee and eat chocolate.  This is a very consistant thing on Sundays and I am unhappy when I miss it.  I am in charge of clean-up after brunch and once the kids are in bed, I usually catch up on reading, folding laundry, baking or a nap (the nap is very, very rare)!

Evenings are very casual, except that a friend’s two little boys come over while she and her baby girl head to the 5pm Mass.  Her husband is in the military and when he is gone, it’s just too much for her to take 3 children 3 and under to Mass on her own, so we don’t mind them coming here for a couple hours.

Ryan and I like to go to bed early unless we have people over in the evening to watch Sunday night shows!  During the winter we like to watch The Mentalist and Once Upon a Time, but right now there really isn’t much on.





It’s a pretty simple and laid back day, but that’s GOOD because that’s how God wants it.  We try very hard not to do any strenuous chores or work, and we do not shop.  The no-shopping-on-Sundays rule is something we both agree on to help make Sunday a day of rest for all and to keep it Holy.


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