5 Favorites (vol. 6) – Ways to be Frugal This Week!

These are 5 ways we were frugal (so far) this week!

1. Laundry outside.  I just LOVE drying my laundry outside.  The crisp freshness from drying in the summer sun and wind just gives it that extra special feeling.  PLUS it saves us from using electricity with our dryer.  I can’t believe I had this drying before 9am!



2. Homemade bread.  Store bread is about $1.99/loaf, which really isn’t that expensive, but when you think about it, buying a 10kg bag of flour is just under $7 at Costco…That can make a LOT of bread!  Plus homemade bread makes the house smell delicious, and there is nothing quite like spread butter over warm bread and biting into that.  I also like that there are no preservatives and I can choose exactly what I want to put into it.



3. Coupons! Coupons will always help me be frugal.  I’m trying to lower our grocery bill from $450/month to $400/month.  That extra $50 really helps, but I’m sure we can do it (especially if we save a little bit here and there with baking bread).  These items cost me $1 before taxes!  I used coupons for the coffee, Glad bags, shampoo, eye lash curler, and Potato Thins.  I’ll be submitting Potato Thins on Checkout51 to get $2 off.  After purchasing all these items (minus the milk, Oreos and Gerber Treats) I received a $10 gift card which I then proceeded to use to by the milk, Oreos and Gerber Treats 🙂  We were even home from groceries by 9am!



4. Riding our bike.  We haven’t gone a lot of places on our bike, but we’ve managed to get to the park and library!  This helps us save gas, gives us exercise and fresh air, and the kids LOVE IT!



5. Make-up samples!  I love getting make-up samples.  Yesterday I got this mascara in the mail after signing up for this promo.  I can’t wait to try it!


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