7 Quick Takes (vol. 11)


Today I do not want to clean my house, wash dishes or pick up toys.  The only room that is currently ‘clean’ is the bathroom!  Ben is the messiest eater ever and there is always food on the floor, his chair, his table, his clothes, his hair, etc.  Oh man, and I forgot about the laundry to fold!


Thanks to this post by The Small Things Blog, I have decided to read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  My children have allowed me to almost finish one chapter!  As I progress in this novel I will let you know what I think, or I’ll just write and post a book review when I’m done.  It may take me 6 weeks to read it (the max amount of time that the public library will allow me to have this book, IF there are no holds).




We’ve started attending Story Time at the public library.  It’s a half hour or reading, singing, dancing, signing, puppet shows, etc for kids around Chloe’s age and up.  She seems to really enjoy it and it’s a good push for us to get out of the house and do fun things (NOT just go for groceries and church).  After the last Story Time, we signed up for the Summer Reading Program.  Chloe loves to read, so why not be part of a program where she can win prizes for doing what she loves!


I think I’m just about done with this summer cold.  After feel just awful for the whole week, I’m starting to feel on the mend, except for this darn headache, which I hope will go away soon.  Summer colds are just awful.


Shout out to Jane Iredale’s fantastic customer service!  After this post I contacted the company complaining about the Active Light product.  They were incredible quick to get back to me and then sent me Circle/Delete with only a fee to cover the difference in price!  The product arrived the day after I spoke with them AND they told me to keep the Active Light in case I can use it in the future!  Great company and great service!



Still no official possession date for our new place!  Not nervous though, because we have a back up plan just in case the possession dates don’t line up.  Packing is coming slowly, but steadily, with much of it left to be done the week we leave.  Oh, did I mention that my Mud Hero race is the Saturday we move?  Well timed.


Again.  I’m stuck on #7!  Head on over to Jen’s to see what she has for you in her Quick Takes.

Have a great weekend!


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