An Overwhelming Day with No End in Site

I have a confession to make: Today I am very overwhelmed.

We move in 16 days and I am starting to feel the urgency of that!  The pressure mounts as I survey my incredibly MESSY house.  I hate messes and disorganisation and today, my house is the epitome of exactly that.  Like a tornado literally ripped through it behind my back.  While I write this, I am sitting admist this mess and just taking a second to calm down.  I’m not freaking out or having an anxiety attack, but I need to slow my heart rate and take some deep, relaxing breaths while reciting the mantra: “It’s going to be ok.”

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I trapped the children in the playpen for 5 blessed minutes so I could get the laundry on the line.  As I hung their clothes, I looked at the skies and wondered how long I had until the rains came.  (I REALLY need my laundry to dry because we’re going to the cabin on Friday!)


The cabin.  Me and the babies are making the 2 hour drive to the cabin – ALONE – to spend the weekend with my parents.  Ryan is staying home because he has to work all day Saturday.  I am a big wus (?) because my stomach is in knots just thinking about being away from him for 2 nights.  My mind is mentally creating a packing list and a to do list not only for our BIG MOVE but for this weekend trip.  When we get home I will only have one weekend left of packing!  That thought alone has me glancing at the wine cabinet and briefly thinking, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…”

My kids are currently playing happily while the countdown is on for naps.  Groceries sit on my counter as I wonder if I should return what I bought (I messed up a coupon rebate by $0.42 – my blood boils!) or cut my losses and just stay home.  We’re doing great with our grocery budget this month, but I had wanted to do better and this small mistake bugs me.  Library books need returning, packed boxes need to be moved into another room, empty boxes need to be packed, sealed and labelled, and there is always more dishes and more laundry.

Oh!  AND a rich, snooty ‘I’m better than you guys’ fellow is coming to our house today.  I’m not going to give details about why he is coming, but he has to.  His attitude has always bugged me because he seems to like throwing insults in our face, but disguises them really well.

Another thing.  Today I have to figure out a way to teach Chloe that putting her hands around Ben’s neck and squeezing (!) is NOT a game!

So, if you have a minute today, please say a prayer of peace for me, or find me a really encouraging Bible verse.  I could use it!

(Join up with Jen again today!)


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