Sometimes I think I need to STOP reading blogs.  This love-hate relationship with blogs has started to effect the way I feel about myself as a mother: for good and bad.  When I read about the mom who provides all organic and natural food for her family, I think about the Delissio pizza in my freezer or the Nutrigrain bars I gave my kids for a snack.  When I read about the mom who managed to do a no-spend-month and reduce her family of 6 grocery bill to $250 a month, I look at the pile of grocery receipts and think – ‘I spent $300 this month on groceries for a family of 4…’ and that discourages me!

This mom makes her own diaper rash cream.  This one makes baby wipes.  This mom plans weekly playdates.  That one plays and explores with her children daily.  Another one has a spotless home – including her bathtub and baseboards!  And yet another baby-wears her kids all day and loves it!  That mother is able to provide her children with their own bedrooms and RESP accounts.  And finally, that mom seems to enjoy her kids 24/7.

THIS mom (aka MOI), gets up at 6:30am after waking up at least twice between the two kids.  THIS mom struggles some mornings to not let her 1 year old reduce her to tears.  THIS mom barely manages to get the kitchen cleaned up after breakfast before the kids are demanding naps or crying for snacks.  THIS mom drinks cold coffee regularly because her children demand so much from her in the wee hours.  THIS mom stays home a lot and tries to get her kids to play on their own so she can get ready for the day.  THIS mom struggles with contentment and her clingy children.  THIS mom will sometimes just sit and read to her kids – nothing exotic, elaborate or hugely educational.  THIS mom makes spaghetti and meatballs, a lot.

THIS mom struggles with wanting to have the ‘good mom’ qualities without realizing that the daily struggles she goes through help make her a good mom.  There is no cookie cutter good mom, but simply the mom who does her best.  Some days THAT is precisely what makes her a good mom.  You’re a good mom despit the fact that some days it just really, really doesn’t feel like that.  I need to try to remember that too.




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