WHY We are Doing the Big Switch

I have a feeling some people will ask why we’re switching, and I think some may feel almost defensive towards my responses.  Family’s should do what they are comfortable with and what they can afford, and that’s exactly the philosophy that we’re taking, so these are some of my reasons for the switch.

1. Good, Better, Best!  While non-organic is ‘good’, I am starting to see how organic can be better and even best!  It just seems reasonable to that animals raised without antibiotics, are grassfed and able to SEE THE LIGHT is better.  If there are fruits and vegetables grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, why wouldn’t you want that?  For us, going this route is the best for our family.



2. GMOs. Wow.  I don’t want to do the research on these things because the more I read, the more freaked out I become.  More than 60 countries around the world (including including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union) have either serious restrictions or outright bans on GMOs.  I don’t want GMOs in my family simply because I prefer food the way it was originally created and there is no evidence that GMOs are safe.  For more information on GMOs, click here.

3. Health.  I do think that eating foods grown naturally, in non-chemical environments does have an impact on health.  It just seems logical and if these foods are available to us, why NOT take advantage of them and enjoy them if you can afford it.


I am still knee deep in my research and feel like I am just at the beginning, and as I continue to inform myself, I am sure my list will continue to grow.



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