My First Organic Shop…and a few other things too!

The kids and I made it to the grocery store before 8am this morning!  We searched the organic produce section at Superstore, and I have to be honest, the selection was not too great.  I was looking for organic yams, organic celery and organic tomatoes.  Well, I found the tomatoes, but nothing else.  I really needed celery so I had to make that sacrifice and just get it – switching is a slow process and involves learning what stores carry what products.

There were a few other things on our list, and I was beyond excited to find them on 50% off clearance!  This cost me $20.87!  My receipt  says I saved $25.62!


Seriously.  I even got organic salad for 50% off!  I only had coupons for the Oikos BUT that in the end I spent $0.94 TOTAL on 3 packages of 4x100g greek yogurt!  That makes me very happy.

To summarize my first shopping experience:

1. When first starting off buying organic shop around and learn what stores carry what products.  Superstore carries a lot of organic dry goods but not a lot of organic produce.

2. When you coupon for other products, there is room in the budget for organic!  Saving money on the cheese, yogurt and pasta really helps!  Eventually we will buy those products from the organic section, and save money by couponing on personal hygiene products, cleaning products, etc.



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