Frugal Friday (vol. 2) – Date Night Cost $0.29

This week we spent many ways being frugal, but the one I will pick to share tonight is how I spent $0.29 on an at home date night!  Checkout51 had $1 rebate on Pringles this week and combined with the sale at Superstore for $1.29, I got the chips for $0.29.  The movie was “free” from the library AND when I took this picture I forgot that we had a bottle of homemade rose wine in the fridge from my father-in-law!  Perfect, frugal date night!

Please feel free to share with me ways you were frugal this week!



7 Quick Take (vol. 15)

Friday!  Friday!  Friday!  To me, that actually means that tomorrow is a day of renos/fixing up the place.  Oh well, at least Ryan will be home!


I miss my dishwasher.  A lot.  The other night it took me just about an hour to wash all the dishes.  There were interruptions from the children, but the main reason was that I had a lot of prep dishes and a few left over from lunch and afternoon snacks.  My sink and cupboard were full of dishes.  *Sigh*  We’ll likely buy the part needed to fix the machine, or get something off of Kijiji.  Right now I can’t justify the cost for a machine when we want to use the money for other things: like getting two new furnaces for $6000 (ACK!  Yes, our home needs two furnaces).



My baby turned 1 yesterday which means now I have NO BABIES and TWO TODDLERS!


We had a lovely day yesterday.  My sister came to visit and chatted with me while I did chores and birthday prep.  When Ryan came home we took the kids swimming!  Both of them had a blast until some kid pooped in the water and we all had to evacuate.  We came home for cleansing baths and showers, home made pizza and cake (looks pretty awesome doesn’t it!), and presents.  Ben’s extended family birthday party will be on Sunday.


Today I went shopping with a friend for clothes for our kids.  I’ve shopped way too much this week and really should cut back considerably.  Anyways, I actually found some pants in the kids section that fit me: so I bought it (photo to come).  Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad…


Moving has really put me behind in things, especially organizing the childrens clothing.  I’m pretty sure I’ve stayed within my budget of $150 for both per season (buying a year in advance for spring/summer), but now I have even MORE clothes to sort.  I have to put away clothing that’s too small, find the stored clothing for fall/winter, and pack up next year’s spring/summer clothes.  I am way too embarassed to post a picture of what this mess looks like.  I’m going to use The Better Moms post from today to try and organize these things.

I have been trading coupons like crazy this week.  So many good ones are heading my way: free eggs, free ground turkey, free milk, free veggies, free yogurt, free cheese!  This REALLY excites me and I’m starting to take a different approach to my couponing.  Trade for the free staples.


(Photo source)


Cleaning a big house is a lot of work, especially with kids.  We went from a house that was just under 1300 sq feet to a house that’s just over 1900 sq feet and it’s a HUGE difference.  Most days I can only get the basics done let alone things like cleaning floors, wiping cupboards and dusting.  Yeah, in my house those are not basics.  Today actually I’m sitting down to make a cleaning plan and am following this template from Joyful Mothering but adapting it for my family.


Last but not least, my prayer life has been getting better.  This morning actually, I got up at 6:30 BEFORE my children.  Ben was up at 6:45 and Chloe 7:10 so I did get a bit of quiet prayer time in.  My soul felt at peace, but I do believe that I released 1000 souls from purgatory while grocery shopping with my kidlets this morning.

Happy Friday everyone!  Don’t forget to link up with Jen at Conversion Diary!

30 Days of Frugal Meals! Challenge Accepted!

Join me starting September 1 for 30 Days of Frugal Meals!  The idea was inspired by Louisiana Bride and I’m feeling up to the challenge!  I’ll be posting daily what it cost me to make that meal and how my family enjoyed it.  I’ll also be letting you know how I managed to apply organic/whole foods and snacks with my purchases.  Stay tuned!  It’s going to be good times.


Value Village 50% Off Shop!

So I took Erica’s (follower of this blog) advice and checked out Value Village today for their 50% off sale!  Next time I’m going without my kids or right at 9am because they were grumpy and I had to continually hand them Cheerios as I quickly looked through the racks.

All in all for $23 I think I found some good finds and even a couple off of my lists to replicate these outfits!



So for this outfit, I found black pants and a gray sweater.  I still need to find a nice, white lacey top:



I bought two tops that were not on my list (the purple and red), but they were beautiful and I love SmartSet and RW&Co: they were $1.75 so it’s ok, right?  I also bought these boots, but I’m not sure about them.  What do you think?  Any outfit suggestions or did I buy some duds:


It was really fun to get these items for super cheap and to actually have outfits to replicate!  It’s like meal planning, but outfit planning instead!

7 Quick Takes (vol. 14)

It’s Friday!  Wahoo!  This has been a long week, but it’s OVER!  Don’t forget to join up with Jen for her 7 Quick Takes.


Here is my attempt at one of the outfits I wanted to replicate.  I have found some green skinny jeans at Smart Set, Blue Notes, Old Navy and…hmmm there was another place but I can’t remember.  Maybe Garage?  Anyways, they were all $30+ so I couldn’t justify buying them just yet.  Instead I used my pink “party pants” (don’t ask) and decided that this was close enough of a replication.  Thoughts?

I like this outfit because it’s simple and both items are very versatile.  My only concern is the white top with two children…I’ll just take it off or cover it up when feeding them.

My outfit:

Replicating Kate’s:



My kids reeeeeeeally like their mommy.  Or at least they really like to be near me all. the. time.  I swear, unless a show is on, they are on me every 5 minutes.  I tried to take a 5 minute shower; Chloe came to find me.  I tried to get dress; Ben found me.  Now I am debating running upstair while Ben is sleeping to brush my teeth…is it worth it?  I haven’t decided yet.

This is them playing for 4 minutes 10 seconds (I timed it) while I quickly washed some dishes.



We went to pick up swimsuits from the second hand store so that I can take the kids swimming more regularly.  The fitness/activity centre here sounds really good and maybe once or twice a week we can go swimming and maybe to the gymnastics centre.  I think I’m a bit of a boring mom and would like to try to get out and do more with my kids.


This week I read an article about stay-at-home moms which was kind of discouraging.  I guess the article itself wasn’t, but what she wrote about was.  Basically it’s about how educated women shouldn’t waste their education as a stay-at-home mothers.  This is insulting in every way.  Should mothers not be educated at all?  If they don’t deserve a degree, do they even deserve a high school education?  Are we so much less valuable to society simply because we choose to be present daily in the lives of our children instead of pursuing a successful career?  *Sigh*  Society, please don’t devalue the hard work that we do with our children at home.  We’re raising the little people that will become out future!


We got a furnace quote the other day: $7000 for two.  *gag*  That’s a little more than we wanted to pay so now we’re looking for other options.  We aren’t overly pressed for time, but this is Alberta people and it could very well snow next month.


Our dishwasher broke *sniff sniff BAWL*!  I went out to an Opus Dei recollection on Tuesday and when I came home, Ryan said “Bad news babe.  The dish washer is broken.”  The only thing worse than hearing that would be to hear “Bad news babe.  The washing machine is broken.”  Washing dishes by hand is slightly better than washing clothes by hand, right?!


This morning Chloe slept in until almost 7am, but Ben decided to get up at 6:25.  I managed to still get in 15 minutes of quiet prayer time and decided that I wouldn’t get frustrated at the interruption, but continue in my prayer while he ate breakfast.  When I went to get Chloe, she decided she wouldn’t come downstairs until she put on her princess shoes…


Haircut Success and Frugal Friday Kickoff!

I’ve decided that every Friday – along with linking up for Quick Takes – I will have *drum roll* FRUGAL FRIDAY!  On this day I will post one way that we were frugal in the past week.  Hopefully you’ll share some of your frugalness with us too!


So back in November I attempted to cut Chloe’s hair.  And I completely botched it:


I cried a lot over this terrible haircut.  After watching a couple videos and a hairdresser friend cut my babies hair, I successfully managed to give my babies pretty decent haircuts!

ben chloe

Best part is I saved us about $40!  Getting kids haircuts is NOT cheap!

That’s my take for Frugal Friday!  Feel free to share how you were frugal this week!