7 Quick Takes (vol. 12)

Thank God it’s Friday.  Joining up with Jen and the others today!


Something happened to my elegant squiggle line that usually proceeds my numbers in the quick takes so today you will be getting straight, blunt and unattractive lines.


One week today we move!  I am so incredibly excited, but there is still a fair amount to do.  I don’t want to forget an important detail especially because I am going to Mud Hero the Saturday we move!  Am I crazy?  I’ll leave at 6am so we can get to Red Deer by 8am.  We’ll run our heat at 10am (an hour max?), shower, eat, and I dunno what else (I should confirm this actually) and I’m really hoping to be back by 2pm.  Can’t forget to leave a cheque for the piano movers at the new house…


Ben slept 11 hours on Monday night and 10 hours on Tuesday night!  I thought maybe, oh please Lord just MAYBE, that this was it and he’d start sleeping the night!  No.  It was a cruel joke probably associated with the random fever he had those two days.  Between Chloe and I Ben, I was up 7 times last night.  At 4:30am, I seriously contemplated going for a run…instead I fell asleep for 15 minutes then woke up to give Chloe some water, and deal with Ben’s bleeding nose and poopy diaper.


By the way.  Ben is now weaned.  I haven’t nursed him since 4:30am Thursday morning.  Maybe that has something to do with the sleeping or lack there-of last night.


I read two really great blog posts today.  This one was about how we stay-at-home moms just need a break sometimes.  It’s not even a break to do something fun or relaxing, but simply to feel like a human.  I took this break yesterday and did some errands while the kids played at Grandmas.

This article was really cool and pretty much describes the community I would one day love to live in.  I think it’d be sweet to have a cow in my backyard: you?  I really like the rain barrel idea too.

rain barrel planter


Something on my to-do list for today is to run out to Costco and pray that they still have the children blackout curtains that I saw a couple weeks ago.  I just realized my children will need some when we move and I’d prefer not to wait to get them: Their bedrooms face East.


In the last couple weeks I have received comments on how breast feeding my 11 month old is “gross”, how it must be “so much work” to have two babies, “your cart is very full” referring to my two kids, and now that I have a boy and a girl will we “keep popping them out?”.  Most of the time I just smile and nod then I roll my eyes when they are no longer looking.

I’m not really sure what goes through peoples’ minds when they make comments like this: surely not “This is something that will uplift that mother.”  The comments I receive don’t make me upset, just bewildered.



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