It’s Not Farmer’s Market, but it’s…

…still local and organic!

The kids and I made a quick stop at the Dutch bakery just down the road to buy some fresh deli meat – beer sausage mmm – and bread and buns: hopefully the bread will last until we move!  The deli meat (300g), 3 buns and a loaf of bread cost $10, which is very close to the same price as what it would cost at a grocery store.  Nothing beats the fresh taste!

We made our way to Safeway to see what they had for organic produce and we did great!  Organic strawberries (1lb) was on sale for $2.99 which WAS the SAME PRICE as non-organic strawberries.  The colour and taste were beautiful and sweet.  Chloe confirmed the sweetness later on at home with a satisfied “Mmmm mmm thank you Mommy.”.  We bought an organic yam (0.5 kg) for $1.90 and organic broccoli (0.5 kg) for $1.37.

Supper was deliciously perfect as we combined all these ingredients together (except the yam) and included a nice, cold ginger beer.  Mmm mmm good.



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