Companies That Have Sent me Coupons for Organic Products…

I emailed a whole bunch of companies asking for coupons so I can try their organic products.  So far I’ve received coupons from Organic Meadows and Eden.


I have tried neither of their products, but am definitely open to something new!  I’ll be doing some digging to see if there are other upcs for these products/companies so that I can maybe stack them!

Eden also decided to send me PLENTY of reading material (I’ll get right on that…AFTER the move!).


Some things I am learning from doing this big switch is:

1. It’s not hard to find organic food that is in our local grocery store and is decently priced!

2. Don’t be afraid to try something new!  Like I said above, I’ve never tried products from Eden or Organic Meadows, but I’m willing to try!

3. Sometimes you have to go without and that’s ok!  Maybe we won’t be buying as much produce this week as we would if we bought non-organic, but that’s ok!  We know how to sacrifice and don’t need to have everything!


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