Mud Hero – My First of Many Runs!

Let me start off with saying “This was AMAZING!”  The run was tough but there was nothing quite like crossing that finish line and realizing you just ran down and up a mountain (!) covered in MUD!

We unofficially called our team ‘Mismatched Moms’, mainly because we didn’t buy team costumes (which we realized was a mistake – with 500 people running every half hour, wearing black was a bad idea :P).

Here is my before picture:


Tired (was up at 5:30am) but incredibly excited!

Here are a couple of my after pictures!

dirty dirty2

I was very pleased with my time and placement, and now have something to look forward to and beat next year!



The stats may be hard to see, but my time was 1:11:35 and I placed 1770/6555 out of all the women: I’m pleased with that!


Now, I’m looking into doing the Olds Mud Run in September!


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