7 Quick Takes (vol. 13)

Well it’s Friday again, but I couldn’t tell you what the actual date is.  Ok, I looked and it’s the 16th: how is this month half over already?  Is it just me or did this summer fly by really fast and already store have back-to-school, Halloween and yes, even CHRISTMAS items!


The line thing is still messed up.  I really miss my squiggle line that comes before and after my numbers.


It’s been exactly one week since we got the keys to our house and it’s flown by.  We’ve managed to unpack all the essential boxes, and now I’m keeping busy organizing, purging, sorting, storing, and exploring Sherwood Park.  Every day we’ve tried to get out and find something new to do; sometimes it’s just finding where the stores are.  The weather has been really nice so we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy spending time outside in our beautiful 1/3 acre back yard: the kids love it!  I was so excited to find a raspberry bush back here!




Ben has discovered the toilet and thinks it’s his own personal little splash pool.  Gross.  Today he threw his toy in the toilet AGAIN!  The doors will need to stay closed and all the lids down.  It’s just not cool fishing inside the bowl to get his toys.



I love Joe’s clothes from Superstore. Love.  Them.  Not only are they adorable, they are crazy affordable especially during seasonal clearance, which is when I stock up on clothes for the kids!  I got all these outfits for $70 and there is still $80 in our spring/summer 2014 budget for more (we still need swimsuits, shoes, hats, shorts).

clothes1 clothes2

(I found a couple more outfits that I bought AFTER these pictures were taken.  I got 12 outfits for Ben and 16 for Chloe!  Not bad for $70!).


Tonight we’re having a simple supper.  Home made bread, deli roast beef (50% off), organic tomatos and lettuce from my mother-in-laws garden.  We might have to finish the meal with maple frozen yogurt covered with the rest of our blueberries.  Then I’m heading out for a much needed girls night which will include the essential wine, sushi and chick-flick.  Bring it.


My little Benjamin is turning 1 in less than 2 weeks and I’m trying to think of what to do for a simple, little party.  I think we’re going to keep it simple with family and a few friends coming over for a BBQ and playtime.  My parents hinted that they bought him a swing set and everyone else is buying him some sort of ball: he loves balls and anything ball shaped (including a funny little preference for his banana being cut in circles instead of crescents).



I have a laundry shoot in my house.  So.  Cool.


Don’t forget to link up with Jen and the other fabulous quick-takers like Christy (I love her quick-take that talks about her son and Starbucks lol).  They likely have significantly more interesting blogs than I do: today I’m just rambling.  Actually, most of my quick-takes are ramblings aren’t they?


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