Saving on Organic Food is…Easy?

It’s actually easier than I thought.  It takes some searching, planning and patience, but I’m learning that it’s not all that difficult.  Last night I had to run out to the grocery store to get a few items for brunch today, and found a few surprise items.  Normally I try not to buy what is not on my list, but we’ve made room in our budget for “stock up” items.  I didn’t really stock up with these, but they were at a stock up price.


The cheese was $6.99 (!) which is roughly $5 off regular price: I am kicking myself for not getting more.  The yogurt was “priced to clear”, but the expiry isn’t until September 5th!  Regular price it is over $5 but I got it for $2.18 after using this $0.50 coupon:


So far, it’s not been hard to make The Big Switch (and I wasn’t planning on doing yogurt yet)!  It takes planning, couponing and hunting when grocery shopping!


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