Dear Tuesday, Did you Forget that Monday was Yesterday?!

Last night I was determined to wake up at 6:30am to start my day in prayer: prayer has been seriously lacking lately and I know that’s why I’ve been testy, impatient and grouchy.  Ryan left for work at 5:45 and I thought to myself 45 minutes left until I start my day.  I really should just wake up when Ryan does because a) it takes me forever to fall asleep and b) it never fails that one or both of my kids will be up at 6:30am.

And so that’s how this stressful day began.  Chloe was up at 6:30 and I didn’t get my time of prayer.

The kids were fighting by 8:30 this morning: yes, my 2 year old and 1 year old have entered into the sibling rivalry stage.  At one point Chloe was so frustrated at either myself or Ben that she said, “Go away!”  This was the first time she’s ever said this, so I realized I should probably stop whatever I was doing and sit with her for a bit.  Maybe she just needed some positive attention.

By 9am, she was bored and Ben was napping.  She was apparently so bored that she asked to go for a car ride.  I wanted to go to the mall to check out some of the adult clothing clearance sales – I DESPERATELY need clothes – so when Ben woke, and after both of them had snacks, we were on the way.

I realized I forgot Ben’s soother right when we pulled on to the Yellowhead…greeeeeat.

You should be so desperate to the point of your clothes being tattered shreds of material for you to take your kids clothes shopping with you.  Seriously.  Don’t.  Do.  It.  Just wait until your hubby gets home and then go.

The kids pulled clothes off the racks, Chloe hid in these said racks, she ran in and out of dressing rooms, fell off the chair that sat outside the waiting room, I got the dirtiest “you’re a bad parent” look from the cashiers, my debit card didn’t work when I had finally decided what to buy.  At another store, I purchased a style of shirt that I already had (GRRRRR!!!) because I was distracted by the kids and handing out snacks, finding my debit card, and praying that whatever leaked in my purse was just water.

When we got home we had to park a block away because they were paving the road in our crescent.  The kids were none too pleased with the short walk.  One of the construction workers saw me carrying my 1 year old and pulling along my 2 year old, while having a purse and diaper bag drapped over my shoulders and said, “My, my, don’t you have your hands full.”  At that point I wanted to shout, “WHAT’S YOUR POINT?!”

Chloe didn’t eat lunch and I honestly could bathe Ben after every meal because he gets so dirty.  We bought him a “splat mat” so that he wouldn’t wreck the carpet in the dining room with his messy eating.

Ben fell down a couple stairs while I was changing Chloe’s poopy diaper.  Chloe spilled paint (thankfully on the kitchen floor) while I was attending to Ben’s poopy diaper.  While clearing the table, I bumped Ben’s tray (full of food) and it fell, scattering food all over the place.

The kids are in bed now and will hopefully nap until 3.  I didn’t mean to go on a complaining stint – ok, that’s not true, maybe I did.  I just needed an outlet for this frustrating morning and I’m sorry it had to be you!  Hopefully the afternoon and evening will improve.  Or maybe it’s just my attitude that needs improving.  Either way, I’m hoping for a better day!


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