What TO Wear Instead of What NOT to Wear

Ok, so my style isn’t the greatest, but it’s definitely not the worst.  I do need some new clothes, because after having two kids I’m skinnier than I’ve been since probably junior high.  Ya.  It’s sad.  I’m 103lbs and am losing all my feminine curves.  I now weigh less than my skinniest friend and even SHE is commenting on my weight.

So because of this weight loss, I’m in dire need of new clothes BUT I don’t want to spend a lot of money at all.  I have style ideas, but want clearance items!  In all honesty, I’d like nothing more than for each item to be under $10, but I think I may have to be satisfied with under $20.

I’ve been following Kate on Instagram and she has some outfits that I would love to replicate!

outfit1 outfit2 outfit3 outfit4 outfit5 outfit6

Aren’t they awesome?!  The first outfit I’d like to replicate is the green skinny jeans with white top.  It’s simple, stylish and yet practical, which is what I need!  I found both the white top and jeans today, but couldn’t justify spending $30+ on the jeans without talking to Ryan first: moving this month has been expensive.

I think the next outfit I want to do is the polka dot skirt and bright pink top BUT I may change things up a bit.  Polka dot top with bright pink skirt?  What do you think.  I found the skirt for $6.99 and the top for $14.99, but didn’t buy it yet because I needed to think on it first.  No more impulse clothing buys.

If you know where I can find these outfits or similar looking ones, please, please comment!


6 thoughts on “What TO Wear Instead of What NOT to Wear

  1. The outfits are cute and love how you have written this post so honestly..! Bravo to that 🙂 You will surely find some good clearance items out there… and about the weight issues.. we wish you look to achieve your ideal weight in your view. Stay healthy and happy 🙂

    Love, Wink n Pout

  2. Thanks! I was hoping my choice in fashion wasn’t way off when I selected these outfits. Hopefully I can find some clearance items to resemble these ones while at the same time flattering my boyish-shaped body! Thanks for your input! I appreciate it!

  3. I love the outfits you picked and think they will look awesome! Have you checked out value village? There is a new one in Sherwood park on baseline road, and it is fantastic. I get 90% of my clothes there and most of my items average $5, and if you sign up for the super savers club(free) you get emails about discount days and how to get coupons, I get most of my things on 50% off days or with a 30% off coupon, they also have a stamp card and you get 1 stamp for every $5 and after 15 stamps you get a discount coupon. You have to do some looking but I have gotten some really good things : shoes, brand name items, brand new items, house items and even things for Stephen. I like the kids clothes and shoes too. I have even found things that I wanted to create looks I have found on pinterest. I keep a list of things I want and then when I go I keep an eye out for them, sometimes it takes a few trips but I usually always find what I am needing. I wish you good luck in finding some cloths.

    • Great minds think alike: I was going to go on Monday to Value Village since that is their 50% off date! I’m really excited to see what I can find. Hopefully a denim jacket/shirt, a plaid scarf and maybe I’ll luck out with some bring colours and polka dots! Thanks for the info on their membership perks!

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