5 Favorites (vol. 8)

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1. “Splat Mat”.  I know there’s an actual splat mat you can buy to help protect your floors against messy babies during meals, but we just grabbed one of those computer chair plastic mats at Staples for $24.99.  While it doesn’t prevent all food from reaching the carpet, it protects the majority surrounding Ben.  Seriously this child is a messy diaster when it comes to meals.


2. Quiet time.  The two hours I have alone during afternoon naps is priceless.  I’d give my right arm for this alone time.  Right now I’m listening to my 2 year old wail “Moooommmmeee” from her room as she begs to be let out from naps.  Excuse me while I put her back to bed.  *walks away to put Chloe back to bed*  *comes back 5 minutes later*.  That won’t last long.  Today is just not a good day for Chloe.  Up at 6am, grouchy all morning, refusing a nap…I’m preparing myself for no quiet time today.

3.  Corrie ten Boom.  She is a modern day hero.  I am re-reading her books right now, and if you haven’t had the honour of pouring through these pages of her life (she survived a Holocaust concentration camp) then you must pick it up TODAY!  Ok, if you can’t, then order it from the library or Amazon.  Her courage, strength and forgiveness will blow you away.  In the meantime, until you get the book, check out her website.



4. Opus Dei.  About a year or so ago, I started re-attending Opus Dei Recollections for Women.  Once a month an Opus Dei priest would come to St. Andrew’s Parish and give two talks to a group of women.  The beauty and simplicity of this lay group drew my attention to them.  The fact that we can santify our day and live holy lives through ordinary means, touched me and encouraged me in my vocation.  The monthly talks and reflections given by the priest and an Opus Dei member always leave me feeling refreshed with a new challenge to add to my spiritual life.  Last night I was blessed to even make it in time for confession, which is exactly what I needed.  Already today I feel like I could go again, but am trying very hard to take what I learned from last night and apply it to my life until the next recollection where I will get more food for my soul.


(Source: Founder of Opus Dei – St. Josemaria Escriva)

5. Magic School Bus.  Not a HUGE favorite of mine growing up, by for a cartoon it was highly educational and fun!  I bought the complete series today from Amazon for $26.99 (reg. $99) and can’t wait to introduce my kids to it.  Who knows, maybe it will become part of a homeschool curriculum if we decide to go that route.




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